He thinks I dont know how it feels?

Him: I cant listen to a fucken song without at least thinking about you for a second.

Me:What would you like me to say? Welcome to my reality. Its not a horrible feeling at all times but it is impossib;e to erase the impulse that make e hear your voice in every song!

Him: Dang :/ I really do miss you and hope all is well. Sorry about the late text. You were just in my thoughts :]

Me: You never fail to make me feel like a fool, thank you for the well wishes.

Him: I was Born a Fool.

Me:You may have been born a fool, but your ability to make them is a craft you have masterd. I am not mad about is, it just feels like I am the after math of your natural disaster.

Him: peace wont come easy. I wish I could tell you what I was was thinking. Its lame not having you around.


Why Must We Play these Games? I am holding on to something that I cant ever go back to, I have to let this go…. I must do what I have to!

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